Post High School Participant Survey

This is a copy of the anonymous survey posted as a Google Form link to my Facebook webpage, emailed to my coworkers, and emailed throughout the Liberal Studies department.  I received 75 responses and the summary of the results are listed below.

High School Influence on College Attendance Online Survey

All questions are concerned with time spent in high school.  Please answer according to your high school participation.

How were you encouraged to attend college in high school?*

Select as many as apply.

  •        Teachers discussed the possibilities in class
  •        School advisors/counselors supplied information and support
  •        Extracurricular coach/mentor encouraged attending college
  •        College students or faculty visit campus
  •        Parents stressed the importance of college
  •        No one encouraged college attendance
  •        Other:

Were you involved in music in high school?*

  •        Yes
  •        No

If yes, did this involvement help support college attendance?

Provided scholarship opportunities, visited colleges through musical involvement, etc.

  •        Yes
  •        No
  •        N/A

Were you enrolled in College Preparation, Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), Community College, or other “higher-level” courses during high school?*

  •        Yes
  •        No

If yes, which ones?

Select as many as apply.

  •        College Preparation
  •        Honors
  •        AP
  •        Community College
  •        N/A
  •        Other:

Was music ever incorporated into classroom activities to reinforce subject matter?*

Such as songs, background music, class performances, etc.

  •        Yes
  •        No

If yes, please list the musical activities you remember.


*Required answers


The results of this survey show a significantly higher percentage of students who were involved in music in high school and took College Preparation, Honors, Advanced Placement, Community College, or other “higher-level” courses (Table 1).

Table 1

Comparison of Respondents Involved in Music vs. Respondents Not Involved in Music in High School and Enrolled in Courses Geared Toward College

Involved in Music? CP, Honors, AP, Community College, or Other* Courses Percent
Yes 21 18 85.7%
No 54 38 70.4%
Note.  CP = College Preparation.  AP = Advanced Placement.

*Other refers to any other “higher-level” courses geared toward college.

However, the respondents of this survey did not believe their music involvement supported college attendance (Table 2).

Table 2

Comparison of Respondents Involved in Music in High School Claiming Music Supported College Attendance vs. Claiming Music Did Not Support College Attendance

Did music involvement support college attendance? Percent
Yes 9 42.9%
No 12 57.1%
Total 21