Participatory Action Research Project Proposal

Participatory Action Research Proposal

            Participatory Action Research is defined, in my view, as researching approaches to changing something that is not currently working, implementing the change, then reflecting and evaluating the results of the change.  I propose to extend my capstone project in ways that align with this definition of Participatory Action Research.

Currently, my capstone project is the Benefits of Music Education: Promoting College Attendance in High School Students.  The research I want to do will be answering the primary question: How can educators promote college attendance to high school students through music education?  An extension of this research will be to implement music in a classroom and study the benefits and drawbacks for the students.

I will be conducting the Participatory Action Research Project with a classmate, Amanda Schemmel, as she is on the pre-capstone path and is working within a field similar to mine: Performing Arts.

In order to successfully implement music in a classroom I need to find the right type of music, the right way of implementing music, and the appropriate classroom in which to implement this study.  The type of music and the way I implement it will be based out of the research, literature reviews, surveys, and an interview that I conduct to find the most beneficial approach.  Additionally, I will select a classroom that currently does not incorporate music which will either be my Sunday school class at a local church, an elementary classroom in Salinas, or a local high school classroom in Seaside, depending on approval by the primary teachers in each of these classrooms.

The timeline I am working with for my capstone project is conducting and analyzing all research in the form of literature reviews, surveys, and an interview by March 21st and writing the first draft of my capstone paper by April 1st.  In alignment with these dates, the timeline for my action project will be to implement the action the week of April 1st, then to analyze the results and findings by May 1st.

After the action project is over and I have “data” on this topic, I plan to incorporate this data into my final draft of my capstone paper and present these findings during the capstone seminar.  Furthermore, I will be archiving my capstone (action project results included) into the school library, as well as posting my findings on my social media sites.  I hope one day for the data to be used by policy makers to spark a change in education systems to influence the introduction of music education courses being incorporated back into schools.

In conclusion, the assessment of my success will come from the feedback of the students who experience this inclusion of music in their classroom.  My hope is this will help students succeed in their coursework and be able to find benefits within music education.