High School Student Survey

This survey was printed out and given to high school music and non-music students.  I received 148 responses and the summary of the results are listed below.

High School Participation Paper Survey

All questions are concerned with your time spent in high school.

How are you encouraged to attend college?

Select as many as apply.

  •        Teachers discuss the possibilities in class
  •        School advisors/counselors supply information and support
  •        Extracurricular coach/mentor encourages attending college
  •        College students or faculty visit campus
  •        Parents stress the importance of college
  •        No one encourages college attendance
  •        Other:

Are you involved in music?

  •        Yes
  •        No

If yes, does this involvement help support going on to college?

Provides scholarship opportunities, visit colleges through musical events, etc.

  •        Yes
  •        No
  •        N/A

Are you enrolled in College Preparation, Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), Community College, or other “higher-level” courses?

  •        Yes
  •        No

If yes, which ones?

Select as many as apply.

  •        College Preparation
  •        Honors
  •        AP
  •        Community College
  •        N/A
  •        Other:

Is music ever incorporated into classroom activities to reinforce subject matter?

Such as songs, background music, class performances, etc.

  •        Yes
  •        No

If yes, please list these musical activities.


What are your plans for after high school?


The results found in this survey show a significantly higher percentage of students who were involved in music in high school and took College Preparation, Honors, Advanced Placement, Community College, or other “higher-level” courses (Table 1).

Table 1Comparison of High School Students Involved in Music vs. High School Students Not Involved in Music and Enrolled in Courses Geared Toward College


Involved in music? CP, Honors, AP, Community College, or Other* Courses Percent
Yes 108 71 65.7%
No 40 21 52.5%
Note.  CP = College Preparation.  AP = Advanced Placement.*Other refers to any other “higher-level” courses geared toward college.

Additionally, a high percentage of music students claim their music education supports college attendance (Table 2).

Table 2Comparison of High School Students Involved in Music Claiming Music Supports College Attendance vs. Claiming Music Does Not Support College Attendance
Does music involvement support college attendance? Percent
Yes 65 60.2%
No 14 13.0%
N/A 29 26.9%
Total 108
Note. N/A = Not Applicable.  Percentages may not add to 100% due to rounding.

Unfortunately, there was also 26.9% of music students who were unsure how to answer this question (Table 2).  Furthermore, the positive feedback I received regarding what they want to see in their other core classes and how music was beneficial to them are listed below:

  • Physics using the bass
  • Formula parody
  • College advertiser plays music to gain the students’ attention.  They talk about college music scholarships, visiting CSUMB, and looking at the music department and school
  • One teacher made fire dance to dubstep

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