Reflection on Krishnaswarmy reading for PAR COSA

This reading impacts my thinking of Participatory Action Research (PAR) in confirming that sometimes simply carrying out research and publicizing it is an effective way of performing participatory action.  In this way, community members are able to read the information and decide for themselves how they want to either act on this further or not.

Another aspect I enjoyed was being able to do the research in a group with others.  I felt this approach blends Community Organizing with PAR in a unique way! This approach identified the importance of including a diverse group of stakeholders as this offers multiple perspectives and can better influence change for the entire community, if all members of the community are represented in the research.

Finally, the last few strategies of how to engage with the stakeholders were really interesting and useful.  I especially liked the notecard activity in which anonymously every stakeholder writes what they want their community to look like in 5 years.  This would be a great activity in establishing goals for the PAR. Additionally, field trips to the communities you plan on working with are essential in getting to understand the stakeholders and where they are coming from.


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