Eisler-Rattling Chains Reading Reflection

Riane Eisler brings a new perspective to social justice: “empathy and caring” as “the core of how we treat one another” (Eisler, 2012, p. 51).  In this text, Eisler explains how caring and empathy were erased from social justice to begin with.  Several cultures deemed anything “soft,” or “feminine,” to be related to “caring, caregiving, and nonviolence”, which is seen as inferior (Eisler, 2012, p. 55).  Eisler discusses the importance of social justice not only in the public realm, but the private realm as well.  This is crucial because children begin to understand the world in ways they were taught or observed while growing up.  In order to stop people from assuming things are just supposed to be the way they are and to promote change, we must understand the importance of social justice in the private lives of society as well.  Eisler’s view of social justice is much in line with mine, creating “‘caring societies’” (Eisler, 2012, p. 54).


Source: Eisler, R. (2012). Cultivating compassion: Lessons learned from society and culture. In L. G. Denti & P. A. Whang (Eds.), Rattling chains: Exploring social justice in education (pp. 51-56). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


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