Reflection on Morrell Ch. 7 Reading for PAR

            This reading will inform my thinking about Participatory Action Research (PAR) in a variety of ways.  First, Morrell provides the notion that participating in action based off of research develops a person to really learn about the material and become an expert.  This concept is a motivational tool for me to keep in mind while I work through my PAR project.  Although I will be researching and finding a lot of useful information, I will learn even more about the developmental benefits of music education by doing action within music education.

            Next, Morrell advocates for students to be involved in the research and implementation of change within schools.  This informs my thinking about research of schooling because students are the ones educators, administrators, and policy-makers are looking into developing and educating better and they research a variety of ways to do this without consulting the students.  Since the students are the ones who will be directly affected, shouldn’t we be consulting them first or have them involved in this research process?

Finally, Morrell discusses the action the students took after synthesizing their research.  The students led a presentation to parents, faculty, and administrators; posted their research to an online journal and continuously uploaded further research to the forums; helped advertise and develop an after-school club; and attended and presented at the American Educational Research Association.  This informs my thinking about what is considered action.  I do not have to hold a large protest, but I could write my research down and post it to an online forum.  By doing this and continuously updating it with more recent research, I am doing an action that allows others from all around the world to take action. Other people can research and find holes within my research to fill with their own research and action.


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