Rattling Chains Reading Reflection

After Christine Sleeter’s reading from the book, Rattling Chains: Exploring Social Justice in Education, I found myself in agreement to the points Sleeter made regarding multicultural education versus social justice.  The conversations outlined in her dialogue sections were accurate to the conversations I have heard from several parents regarding multicultural education.  These parents believe their children’s education is multicultural because the school or teacher hosts celebrations surrounding food, clothes, and songs of different cultures occasionally.  Some parents believe parents of a different culture do not care about their children’s education.  This belief is naïve and this type of multicultural approach is so narrow it does nothing to show the realities of the people within these cultures.  A truly multicultural education, which Sleeter renames social justice, involves enlightening the class about the hardships different cultures face due to oppression and the privileges certain groups have due to being a dominant group.


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