Class Discussion 2/7/14 Reflection

During class on February 7, 2014, we discussed a reading by Julio Cammarota from the book, Rattling Chains: Exploring Social Justice in Education.  Reflecting on this discussion, hosted by the K.A.L.A.B. group, the class felt the term “magical consciousness” defined by Cammarota as “the first and lowest stage…in which people believe God predetermines their fate” (p. 7) was offensive.  Several felt the term was suggesting being religious means having a low level of consciousness.  I found myself offended as well because it is my faith in God that motivates me into action.  I feel I am both critically conscious as well as magically conscious, to use Cammarota’s term, because I believe that God predetermines my fate, but I am also aware of the human constructs needing to be changed due to the social injustices they provide.


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